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Family Valentine’s Day Dance
Sponsored by St. Robert Bellarmine Parish and The Knights of Columbus
Saturday, February 10th, 2018 --- 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Adults $25.00 Children $10.00. More Info on Events tab

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As of June 2013, St. Robert Bellarmine School has closed. In September 2013, St. Robert's School in Bayside opened as part of Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy which has its first campus at St. Anastasia in Douglaston. Both schools in the Academy will have all grades, Nursery to Eighth Grade. This merged Academy will ensure the long term viability of Catholic Education in both parishes.

If any visitors to this site need information about registration for the school, please visit the Divine Wisdom Academy website at www.dwcaonline.org for more info.

St. Robert Bellarmine School first opened its doors and 16 classrooms on Monday, September 13, 1954 to 475 children enrolled in Grades 1-5 under the tutelage of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The Founding Community of St. Robert's School consisted of Sister Mary Philipa (Principal), Sister Mary Dermod, Sister James Annette, Sister Maria Philip, Sister Saint Timothy, Sister Saint Stephen, Sister George Marilla, Sister Ursula Marie and Sister Saint William.

There was no convent during the first years --- it would not be completed until late in 1959. The Sisters of St. Joseph teaching at the school established their living quarters with kitchen and dining room in 6 classrooms on the second floor of the school. The Sisters’ backyard, patio and setting for occasional cookouts those first years was the school’s large flat roof --- nicknamed “Tar Beach.”

By the 1957-58 school year grades 1-8 were in place and the first 8th grade graduation of 66 students was held on June 22, 1958. (They celebrated the 50th anniversary of their graduation at SRB in 2008)! This past school year our school culminated its 59th year of Catholic education and the Class of 2013 is our 56th (and last) graduating class.

Although SRB School is closed, we will still try to keep the Alumni Association up-to-date and assist Classes in locating fellow classmates for reunions. For now we will use this site to post information for Alumni, including some Parish Events and other events happening @ the SRB School Building.

The Alumni e-mail address (alumni@srbschool.org) will remain active, even if the site is closed. Alumni should then register through this e-mail address with Name (including maiden name), Address, E-mail address and Year of Graduation.


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